Ken (Steve Wood)

Euponium, Nickname – (or in Ken’s case Real name) - Ken Barlow, 1995- Present, England Appearances- 120+


Right then Ken...where do I start with Ken??
Ken’s a teacher....he is also many other things to many other people...but we’ll leave that for another day.
A band legend, Ken has helped our band so much over the years with unbelievable personal sacrifices, and although we never say thanks....he means the world to us- we just wouldn’t be the same without him.
It will come as no surprise; Ken used to be a match day steward to Sheffield Wednesday, and gave up his role to join us on the Kop!
A good family man, who has 2 children, again he does wonderfully well to balance band duties and keeping Katie (his wife) and his children(Rosie & Tom) happy.
Ken is our number one target for wind up’s.....for a very well educated man, he is so gullible!
Ken is an awesome Euphonium player who plays so loud, the band just isn’t the same when he’s not able to make a game.
During his time with the band, he has been a Veggie a Vegan, dairy/non name it he’s been it. He has also has had so many different conditions- that no one else has ever heard of!
Despite his eating “fads” they have never stopped him eating a full English breakfast every time we go away!!
Ken’s humour is a little bit “off the wall”, he often sits in a corner giggling to himself ....and never shares the joke.....this then leads to a barrage of rubber bands making there way to his now bald head!
“Der der der der Ken’s a Teacher!”


(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)