Joe Herridge

Nickname - "Juha", 1996- Present (with a few gaps where he went AWOL), England Appearances- 160+

Joe is a fantastic fella, we've watched him grow up from a aspiring young school boy who wanted to rule the world, to a traveller who wanted to get the world tattooed on his body, who is now a hard working fine young man who'll be one hell of an architect(when he finally qualifies). Joe has got a great family, who support him more than he will ever know! He's a great drummer who has got so much enthusiasm for everything he does. Joe is what the band is all about..... He loves a laugh, he loves his football and he has grown with the band over the years. I know he cringes at our pranks, jokes & wind up's ....he pretends that he hasn't seen or heard them, but his smile is infectious and he can't contain his laughter! Joe has had many "run in's" with John, especially when he was a moody , spotty adolescent who knew best, he used to throw a great teenage tantrum, unfortunately once he'd demonstrated how much of a tantrum he could throw.....John was a master of encouraging a repeat performance....Joe as usual never let us down and delivered!! Joe will be a friend for life....and he knows we will always be there for him.


(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)