Stephen Holmes

Drummer and Band Director, Nickname- Murray, Muz, Muzworker, 1993- Present, England Appearances- 150+


Murray has been there since the start of the band in 1993 and shared all the moments since. Before he started in the band he'd never banged a drum in his life but boy can he bang it now!

He's got the essential combination of football watching experience and passion that are som important to the band. He knows when to start, when to stop and when to keep going and supplies the effort and enthusiasm to be t he hearbeat of the band.

When we started in 1993 Murray had a head full of hair and was maybe three stones lighter than he is now. He's sacrificed a lot for the band, including one of lungs when it collapsed whilst playing, and he ended up on hospital having it inflated again. He has a loyalty to the band second to none.

He's a massive Sheffield Wednesday fan, not missig games at home for years and doing a stint of thirteen years without missing away too. England is a particular passion of his, he kicks every ball.

We room together all over the world and often lie in bed at the end of the day, wherever we are, and after a long exhalation he may say "This is ******* ridiculous!" We can often be found shouting at each other on the terrace because our passions have overflowed.

He is happily married to Fiona, with groown up boys, Adam and Richard, and he couldn't have a happier home life.

He's also enjoying having some success doing his bit as a coach in local football, whichis passion of his.

If ever there was a need, Murray would be there for me, as I would be for him, which is simply invaluable. Top man.

(Stephen Holmes profile by John Hemmingham)