Characters - by "Murray" aka Steve Holmes

In the England Band, there are many different characters, each specialising in their own instrument. Without them, the band would not be the success it is today.

Since 1993 we have had many band members, who have “dipped their toe in” been mainstays of the band or done “one off appearances”.

The single thing that has united every person who has been a band member was their desire to help their club & country and to help increase that atmosphere at each game we have played.

The ability of each person who has been in the band to play their instrument.....can only be explained as “amazingly absolutely useless!!”

In the proceeding paragraphs I’ll attempt to introduce each of the people who have stood behind the brass or banged the drum......despite their ability...they have achieved the goal of “playing for England”.

Everyone of the people mentioned have at some point help the band, and we thank you for your help, over the years we have all made some great friends, friendships that will be with us for life, a special group of people who have made for many years a very unique noise!

To the right is a list of characters, sorted by which instrument they play. Clicking on the member will display a short biography, allowing you to learn about the team behind the trumpets

(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)