Luke Modiri

Trumpet, Nickname - "Shabba", 2004- Present, England Appearances- 50+

Shabba joined the band as a young man who was studying for his GCSE’s......many years on he’s at University still studying!!
It just goes to show what a positive influence we have been on his education, with constant support from every band member!
Shab’s is a great guy (if a little moody at times!), he a very good trumpet player, who can play very loud and is a huge asset to the band.
Shab’s is a caring and thoughtful young man who has a great family who give him a great deal of support and given him a great start in life!! (He’s a lucky lad!).
Shab’s like Hanky is a huge Wednesday fan, who loves watching football.
He particularly enjoys Loz helping him with his course work especially with illustrations!
Shabba has been on many trips with us, and often rooms with his best mate- Hanky, they really have “hit it off”
We can’t wait to see Shabba’s next steps in life.....the big question will he join the family firm(Modiri....& Son) or will he go it alone????
Our proudest “Shabba”  was being invited to his 18th birthday usual we were very reserved and gave a good impression of ourselves to shabba’s many friends and family.
Shabb’s doesn’t like waiting, is a tad impatient and can have quite a short fuse......but in spite of this he has never ever lost is temper or stormed off in a huff....never ever!
“Mr Lover man.....Shabba!”


(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)