Laurance Garratty

Trumpet, Nickname - "Los", 1993- Present, England Appearances- 130+

Where do I start with Los, he was my first boss at work, as a nervous 17 year old Los, interviewed me and gave me my first job.....he is a top man.
When I first met Los, he had a full head of “mullet perm” and half his he has no hair and none of his marbles......the band has had a wonderful positive impact on his well being!
Good times were had with Los, in the early 90’s while watching our beloved Sheffield Wednesday.
He has a sense of humour like no other in the world. (That is a compliment) I know this to be true because he has shown his unique humour in at least four of the world’s continents and not one person out of the 1,000’s we have met have ever “got him”
Quite simply a legend, he’s deep as deep can be but a comedy genius...bordering on madness!
A great Dad, to his daughter Rowen, Los has managed to balance, his family life with Jules and running a business very well with his commitment to his best mates in the band.
A great friend. Who will always makes time for you.
Los is a very good musician; he plays the Great Escape in his own unique way, a way that no other musician in the world could play it!
Los takes a great picture, he has the knack of being able to steal the show in any photograph we do, his timing and delivery of a one liner or a grimace is simply World Class.....Los – The David Beckham of the one liner!
Los- “You’re just too good to be true!”


(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)