Alistair Dyson

Alistair Dyson- Euphonium
Nickname- “AL” not a very interesting nickname.....but it is what it is!
2000 To Present
England Appearances- 60+

Al is a very thoughtful and clearly intelligent guy.
He loves to sit back and watch an unsuspecting band members fall into one of our set up’s- a crime that is almost as bad as the set up it’s self.
A quiet guy, who is a very good musician, a big Wednesdayite, Al was introduced to the band by Ken, who met him while playing for the Stannington Brass Band (A band that can actually play and read music!).
Al took some time to “get us” now he’s had years of practice and can read us like a book....I know he cringes whenever we are in a Restaurant, I know he wished we wasn’t so boisterous....but we are!!
Al seems to like taking a shower in his car; he never closes the windows or lock his doors, and inevitably this means he’ll have a car bath.....I’ve lost count the number of times Al has allowed his car to become a bathing vehicle!
Al now lives in Hull; with his long term girlfriend- he is a valuable member of the band who has been very loyal to the cause.
An interesting fact about Al is that he researches the scents that go into our household cleaning products!!!
Big “AL” ......Big “AL”......Big “AL”


(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)