Ian Bamford

A recruit from Stannington band, and Wednesdayite Ian , has been unable to play with us since 2008 due to his work commitments, Ian has played his trombone many times for England, both home and away, he played with us for around 8 years, he really came into his own in Las Vegas, where he lived the dream! Ian is a top man who is sorely missed and is always welcome to join us. Ian is a good mate and an all round good bloke.

Julie Heliwell

Jules our 1st female band member!!! How she put up with us for the number years she did.... I really don’t know! She deserves a medal.
Jules travelled to England and Wednesday games from her home in Driffield, North Yorkshire she showed tremendous dedication, and is a great person.
Jules’ career meant that the band had to take a back seat, but her presence over the years has been invaluable in the band growing as it did, thanks Jules for putting up with us and for all you did for the band.


Brian Towse

“Cast” is a huge Wednesday fan, with his wife Barbara, Brian is a professional musician, who couldn’t quite work how we actually got on!
His love of pizza dominated our trips away, as did his enjoyment of having breakfast with the band.
“Cast” had an answer phone message the Queen would have been proud of..... sooo posh!
Cast brought along his son –Kelvin to play with the band on a number of occasions.
From my recollections his favourite band was 90’s group Prodigy, he even styled his hair on them, and he really was a fire- starter!
Brian is quite simply the most talented trumpet player I have ever heard- a pizza eating music legend!
 We miss you “Cast”.....no honestly we really do!


Sarah Hancock – “Scary”

Scary is Hanky’s younger sister, she plays the trumpet and keeps Chris in “check”!!
Sarah has spent many hours travelling up and down the country to games biting her lip – for 90% of the journey time!
Sarah plays the trumpet, very well and very loud.....but once she found romance....the band came second best.
She keeps promising to make a guest appearance, if only to give her brother a lift to the ground!
The Hancock dynasty continues......with Chris and Sarah in Tandem the sky is the limit!

Other guests include two of Adolf’s cousins who live in Southampton and helped us out in the early days, Helen Chamberlain (of Soccer AM fame) and Radio One presenter “Jamie Student bloke”.
Well that’s the Brass covered.....a big thanks to everyone who has helped us out over the years.....

The following have had fleeting roles in the drumming in the band:

Joe Strummer- Little Joe never really got to grips with our humour, but a good lad and a very good drummer. Who always seemed to be underdressed, he was always strumming something!

Rob “flob –a-dib” – Rob from Loughborough, a big Wednesdayite who was with us for a couple of years, then University took him away...sadly we’ve lost touch- A very nice fella.

Jamie- A young man from Hillsborough would sat in front of the band for years and decided to give it a whirl....were convinced he’s still got one of our drums, so maybe he’ll either join up again or return the drum??

Lewis Stokes- A right cheeky chappy who certainly could play the snare drum, and was a great laugh, he moved on and we still see him at matches.

Martin Stenton- “Tino” tried and failed during France ’98.....oh dear!

Alan Tootle- tried one game and had an amazing knack of being able to echo every beat I did!! Cheers Al!

Michael Denton- One of the original members of the band. Who left the band sometime after France ’98?

Ian- Michael Denton’s mate. Who played the very first match in 1993 and left shortly after because of “artistic differences!”

Craig Zelly- Zelwar played the first few games and then left!

Steeper and Deadly Darren, Adolf’s mate from work who played a couple of games at Wembley, the last time them I saw them they were scantily dressed.....at a fancy dress party!

Well I guess that’s it.....If I’ve left anyone out.....Sorry!

(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)