Bram Denton

Saxaphone, Nickname - Empla Blam, 1995- Present, England Appearances- 70+


Bram is our Emperor; we worship the ground he walks.
A retired bank manager and naval officer, Bram amazes us with his great whit and compelling personality.
Barbara his devoted wife is quite simply the luckiest woman in the world!
Bram is a wonderful family man, who takes great care of all his family, he loves to spend time with them, and we thank his family from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to pinch some of their quality time !!
Bram our elder statesman has kept us on the straight and narrow, he enjoys our humour (most of the time), he has an amazing knowledge which he freely passes onto to us younger ones.
Bram has only failed in one thing .......Hanky’s elocution lessons, despite many hours of investment in Hanky’s grasp of the wonderful English language Bram gave it up as a bad job; Hanky was simply a lost cause!
 I’m sure I speak for every band member who has had the pleasure of Empla Blam’s company over the years- you are a legend, and we are all the better for knowing such a great man.
Despite a few “senior moments”, Bram has managed to travel the world with us with no major incidents, Bram decided to take a back seat on the travelling around the world, and enjoy his time in the garden (even if that includes falling off the Conifers he’s cutting!!) as well spending quality his Grandson Rory . He still is a regular fixture with the band at the Wednesday home games, and with some kind Kick off times makes the line up at Wembley too.
Bram “there’ll always be an England” Denton


(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)