Alex Dunhill

Alex Dunhill- Trumpet
Nickname- “Lix”
2000- Present
England Appearances 75+

Lix is a very likeable young man, now living in Bristol with the Love of his life Jen. Hopefully he’ll see the light and move back “Home” to the North(with Jen)!
Lix is possibly the cleverest person to ever come out of Maltby!
He has a very strange taste in music, and can’t half belt out a tune from his instrument, he has been a fantastic servant to the band over a number of years, he’ll always help us out when asked.
He loves to travel, and loved his time in Vegas with us; I’ve never seen anybody as enthused about a piece of rock as he was in the Grand Canyon!
Lix is also a big Wednesdayite, who loves a good discussion- he’s quite easy to wind up, and sometimes struggles to spot a wind up till it’s too late!!
Again, a good sense of humour and very grounded young man who knows exactly what he wants from life.....and he’ll get it!
He loves an argument with John.....and more often than not a trip includes one!!
I’m sure he styles himself on Ken, he always seems to be one step behind the in the fashion stakes.... (NOT).
Lix “too cool for school” Dunhill


(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)