Bernie Clifton

Trombone, Nickname - Bern, Uncle Bern, Bernie Cliff- Top or Rod Hull, 2006- Present, England Appearances- 25+


National treasure Bern doesn’t need any introduction, yes he’s the man on the duck, No.... he didn’t fall off his roof when mending his TV aerial.....but yes he is a true comedy legend.
Bern is a genius, we are so fortunate to have had the pleasure of spending so much quality time with a true British entertainment legend.
But like most genius’ there’s a fine line between genius and madness....Bern walks this tightrope daily!
Bern offers the band so much, he is just naturally funny. His expressions, his amazing sense of timing...Bern has me in stitches many times a day. I’m sure he won’t mind me making this public, but he isn’t that good on the Trombone!!
Amazingly he lets us help out during his Panto shows.....Oh yes he does!! (Although, Hanky now has got a lifetime ban from appearing in Panto!!)
I first met Bern when he interviewed me on his Radio Sheffield afternoon show, he “played” his Trombone – John gave him a call on the rest is history. Bern makes time for everyone, and is always the first to ask how my family are & what the boys are up to.
Bern is now a permanent fixture both home and away at England’s games.
Bern is keen to ensure old age doesn’t catch up and takes great delight in videoing us around 22 hours of everyday; he doesn’t miss a trick and sets most of the tricks up without us even knowing!
Bern and Los are soul-mates: a great friendship with one thing in common.....they are both barking Mad!
The simplest of ordering Sausage and Chips at a service station becomes a rib tickling half hour orgy of pure laughter – Bern is a true gent, who has given so many laughs to so many people over a great career and now were so lucky to have front row ticket every day of the week.
“Is it a it a it’s a man on a duck.....der der der der Bernie Clifftop!”


(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)