Jonny Hayward

Nickname- Jonny Boy
2006- present
England Appearances- 25+

Jonny is free spirit, you never know where he’ll be when you ring him.
He loves to travel, and he loves his football.
His best mate in the band is Shabba, they have got so much in common!
He’s got a very strange West Yorkshire accent, and a very strange desire to live in very obscure countries, he’s lived in China, Vietnam and South Africa in the past 18 months!!
I think that Jonny is unique in that for the first time in 17 years I’m actually better than someone, he has a strange drumming style, and his facial expressions are very odd!
He’s learning how to deal with us, but it has been a very large learning curve.
He’s also just learning how far he can go with us, in the wind up stakes..... He often over steps the mark, only to be put in his place rather abruptly!
Jonny has got a great heart, he never shuts up, he never sleeps, he never returns your calls, he never returns your texts.....but he’s got a great there’s always a place for Jonny!
Jonny “where the F**K are you” Hayward



(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)