Stephen Shooter

Nickname - "Shooter", 2003-2007, England Appearances- 20+

Shooter is a legend, he joined the band as a jack the lad, larger than life 14-15 year old, who could hit the drum so hard it was unbelievable.
By the time he left the band to concentrate on looking after his family, he was 6ft tall, and looked hard as nails......but underneath, as Philippa (Shooters other half) will agree he’s a big softy.
Shooter is a huge Wednesday fan, who loves his football.
I remember Shooter being blown away with at the Soccer Aid after show party at Old Trafford, Zola, Maradona, Dunga, Robbie Williams and many more- but the photo he really wanted was Fizz from Coronation St!!
We still hope that Shooter will come back into the fold and get back on board with us- open invite Shooter!!


(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)