'talented and doing an excellent job....
always good natured and often amusing....creating a friendlier atmosphere....they have my whole hearted support.'

-RT HON David Blunkett MP, former Home Secretary

'the band does a lot to support and foster goodwill on an international level and is a good ambassador for the country.'

-RT HON Richard Caborn MP, Minister for Sport


The Post Office
Conference appearances throughout the day, motivating staff at team events and performing fanfare for presentations!
'They really boosted the day.' The Event Co

Stage Show performance
'They were the main attraction, the audience really enjoyed themsleves.' Prism

Laurel (Formerly Whitbread) Pub Group
Management Teamwork Day, producing chants about their company, then performing with the band.
'Great feedback on the band.'Laurel Pub Group

Conference Week. Stage performances at evening party. Co-ordinating with Emlyn hughes, the Guest Speaker, who said:
'The Band really livened things up.'