Simon Grayson

Simon Grayson
Nickname- Adolf
1994- 2004
2009- present
England apps- 60+

Adolf is an ex pro footballer, who graced the shirts of Hartlepool and Sheffield United (shhhhh) to name a couple of his teams.
Named Adolf because of his renowned German-like efficiency and time keeping, he is simply far too organised for his own good.
Adolf took a few years out from band duties when his two boys Arnie and Charlie were born, he also decided to build from scratch with his wife Denise their new family home, now settled in his new home and with Arnie and Charlie growing up Adolf is back with us.
He plays the Trumpet as loud as John, but the after effects via bottom burping are a high price to pay for the extra volume.
Adolf has a very dry sense of humour (amazing there is any humour considering we think he’s German!). He loves a wind up and is always very cautious to ensure he’s never the butt of a joke or wind up....unfortunately he’s been caught a few times.....don’t mention the toothpick!!
It’s good to have Adolf back with us, I’ve really missed his company....let’s hope they stop at two kids!!!
Simon “what F****ing time do you call this” Grayson


(Character descriptions are by 'Murray' aka Stephen Holmes)